Is your company protected every second? No, it’s not.

No matter what your security stack is, it could be more than 6 months before you detect malware. 6 months is the industry average... Until now... By adding the Crytica system to your security stack, you will detect all malware, across all your devices, in a matter of seconds.

Detect all malware, including AI-generated viruses
Leverage our “Always On” scanning, looking at your ecosystem every second
Protect every device on your network, even the smallest IoT devices
Completely eliminate false positives
Designed to work with your current stack
If you can't detect, you can't protect.™

Our Radically Different Approach

Leveraging our unique and patented “Distributed Intelligence” architecture, in literally seconds, you’ll see all viruses, all ransomware, and all malware. Across every network, IoT device, server, system and endpoint in your ecosystem, no matter the size. And you’ll do it with minimum impact on your host system performance. Every network, IoT device, server and system. And you’ll do all of this without removing any of your current systems. This means, without having to offload your current stack, you’ll now be able to stop all malware at the point of injection.

Detect everything

Including malware others can’t, such as AI-generated, polymorphic and preemptive

Continuous protection

Enabled by the size and efficiency of our components

Attack Resistance - Crytica Security

End-to-end protection

From networks and servers to the smallest IoT endpoints

Eliminate false positives

Save resources that would be required to resolve them

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Actionable & Integrated Malware Detection

Crytica Detection

Detects malware injections before they launch.

Reduces Dwell Time1 from over 180 days down to under 180 seconds.

Eliminates false positives.

Provides continuous scanning for continuous protection.

1 "Dwell Time" - The time between a malware infection and that malware's detection.

The Detection Gap

Average number of days malware resides in your system prior to detection.
IBM Cost of Data Breach Study, time to identify and contain a breach chart by year
*IBM Cost of Data Breach Study
Integrates with other Cybersecurity systems to enhance and strengthen them.

Crytica Integration

Integrates with other Cybersecurity systems to enhance and strengthen them.

Issues timely actionable alerts so that response/remediation measures can immediately and effectively stop attacks before they proliferate.

Supplies threat intelligence to other anti-malware systems to help improve their efficacy.

Designed for wide-scale market adoption.

Understanding Crytica's Zero Day Detection™

Speed of Detection

Elimination of False Positives



Platform Flexibility

Why Crytica?

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